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Our Facilitators

Our team of exceptional facilitators, dedicated to guiding and empowering individuals and groups towards their fullest potential.

Woo Man Loong

Facilitator / General Manager

Is a Consulting Partner for Blanchard Malaysia. He is qualified to deliver Blanchard® core training programs, including The SLII Experience™, First-time Manager™, Self Leadership, Legendary Service®, Coaching Essentials®, and Building Trust. His supportive and amiable approach to training stimulates engagement with his class participants, and their energetic involvement in his sessions leads to better learning outcomes.

Hazel Sia

Associate Facilitator

An Associate Trainer with Blanchard Malaysia. She is passionate about employee engagement and believes that motivated employees are the foundation of meaningful work and better service delivery, which generates more revenue for the companies. This also means creating and maintaining sustainable and rewarding win-win relationships.

Ashvini Pandian

Associate Facilitator

Ashvini has come in to the team having had a diverse career in Law, Human Resource and the Performing Arts. She began her career as a lawyer in New Zealand before transitioning to the Canadian tech sector, specializing in Legal, Finance and Cybersecurity Engineering recruitment. An avid dancer from young, she has been dancing for over 20 years and has taught dance professionally since 2017, specializing in adult learners.

Elan Pandian

Associate Facilitator

Elan completed his Bachelors and Master’s degree from the University of Otago in early 2009. After a brief stint in banking, he forayed into business development where he spent the last 12 years. It is within this line where he was exposed to the training industry and grew a passion for it. Elan is qualified to deliver Blanchard’s core training program – The SLII® Experience.

David Anthony

Associate Facilitator

A Consulting Associate with Blanchard Malaysia, is passionate about all aspects of learning and development, and developing talent in organizations. He helps develop his clients’ leaders by building and implementing learning solutions tailored to their needs.
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